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The Foundation workshops at Creative World are sponsored by Greater Vancouver Youth Unlimited.

 This year in addition to the regular workshops we are offering 4 'Foundation' workshop spaces. These gatherings are called "Foundations" because they will take a macro look at Justice as a biblical theme and how arts and creativity connect. Designed in a magazine format, the four ninety minute workshops will feature interviews, stories, musicians, videos, speakers, art and creativity, all designed to engage those who are seeking to find out more about how justice and the Kingdom of God interrelate. Our regular workshops will take a more focused look at individual topics and issues where the "Foundations" will take a more broad stroke approach. We encourage you to check them out!

Session One: Justice explored – Friday 5:00pm

Musician – Tamarah Umlah

Speaker - Jonathan Livingstone


Session 2 – Poverty Explored - Saturday 1:00pm

Musician - Rachelle Rovner

Speaker - Laura Solberg

Session 3 – Injustice Explored - Saturday 4:00pm

Musician - Cheryl Bear

Speaker - Brander Mcdonald

Poet - Ruth Werwai

Speaker - Christine Sine

Speaker - Laura Solberg

Speaker - Andy Harrington

Session 4: Justice in my Everyday World – Sunday 1:00pm

Musician - Chris Lemky

Speaker - Brian Postelwait

Poet - Ruth Werwai

Musician - Siblings

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