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Bands and Musicians


We are putting together a great line up of socially conscious bands and musicians to rock the festival in 2012.  Here are some of the initial musicians and bands lined up for this year, subject to change (lots more to come)...








 derek webb-21

Derek Webb
Derek Webb first entered the music industry as a member of the band Caedmon's Call, and later embarked on a successful solo career.  Webb has an agitator's soul and a flair for the controversial, approaches he uses in his music to encourage careful thought on vitally important social issues. Webb makes iconoclastic, irresistible, radio-ready records about love and war, peace and social justice.

aaron-strumpel Aaron Strumpel
Worship at the festival will be led by Aaron Strumpel.  As a part of The Restoration Project, and later Enter the Worship Circle, singer-songwriter Aaron Strumpel has toured all over the world.  Much of his music comes from the Psalms and is influenced by God's heart for the poor and for justice.  Relevant magazine calls his latest work, Elephants, a "progressive folk rock album that refuses to be tamed..."
cg Compassion Gorilla
This 8-piece troupe of musical magicians packs a full-on festival presence with tightly orchestrated dance grooves. Their unique concoction of worldbeat, latin folk, dub and psychedelic music enwraps the audience in a spell of dance, magic and melody. Racy horn lines, brazen guitar harmonies, driving hand-percussion rhythms, thick basslines and full-bodied vocal harmonies wash waves over the dancefloor and awaken the primal within.  Should be a blast!

Familia is a pop/rock/soul group who met in their Maple Ridge, BC, high school jazz ensemble. Realizing their mutual desire to create a new brand of pop music, the friends formed Familia in 2004. In 2007 they traveled to Thailand to volunteer and teach music in orphanages. The change of scenery inspired the honest and stirring material that would later appear on their 2009 debut album "Golden Lies". Familia has an eclectic style and sound which marries "North American Indie Rock", "British Pop Rock" and "Gospel/Soul". In late 2011 Familia saw the departure of founding member/guitarist Bronson Izzard. The change forced the band to re-evaluate their purpose and get back to why they started the band in the first place; to create unconventional music for the masses. Familia is currently working on a highlyanticipated sophomore release and are anxious to bring their new brand of pop music to the world.

 friendly folk

The Friendly Folk 
The Friendly Folk is a collection of musicians, songwriters, storytellers and poets from the Vancouver area, whose joy is found in sharing life and the stage together. A simple experiment in expressing mercy and justice through relationship and art. The music is Gospel Core, with detections of roots and bluegrass, gospel and blues. Members of the Friendly Folk are featured with such bands and artists as This Old Mountain, Viper Central, Anna Vandas, Badgentina, Eisenhauer and Sheree Plett, Jonathan Inc, and Lance Odegard. They have played on numerous recordings, as well as on various stages across Canada and the world. Whether in the streets or at festivals, their songs and stories will lift you up and move you.


Ezra Kwizera
International African Artist & Music Producer Ezra Kwizera's music carries the spark of an enthusiastic life, along with the rich undertones of someone who has seen and survived hardships, war, and poverty. Growing up as a Rwandan refugee in Uganda, he has come from seemingly insurmountable challenges and has risen up to become one of the most notable artists and music producers in East Africa and internationally. Ezra's music consists of Traditional, Reggae, Soca, and African Dance Hall. In recent years, Ezra has travelled around the world and performed in front of thousands, in Africa, the UK and the US. He is currently residing in the greater Vancouver area of BC, Canada.

 DJ Sampson

DJ Samson
DJ Samson began spinning hip hop in his basement while studying for his Masters in theology at Regent College. What birthed was a deepening interest in the intersection of hip hop and social justice, as written about in his thesis The Hip Hop Exodus: "...the marginal upbringing of hip hop is the key to understanding its purpose: to express solidarity, resistance, and liberation in situations of violence, poverty, and racism around the globe". Your man Samson services the BC Lower mainland as a DJ, recently completed a hip hop tour with Van city local rappers, and is the upcoming DJ for a conscious hip hop and freestyle night "End of the Week" in Vancouver. Bust that groove as DJ Samson mixes it up, scratches that inch, and brings a political rally type feel to the dance floor. Conscious tunes mixed with ill beats, tracks that will get yah head spinnin' and yah heart checkin'!

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