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The Truck Gallery

The Truck Gallery is a semi-permanent display space that will house 'Resemble' a collection of art by three local artists.


"To talk of likeness is another way of talking of a presence. With photos the question of likeness is incidental. Its merely a question of choosing the likeness you prefer. With a painted or drawn portrait likeness is fundamental. If its not there, there's an absence. A gaping absence."
- John Berger: The Shape of a Pocket

Through the work presented and created here, we suggest that there is something fundamental about how we see and the information we assemble from our looking. The task we set before us it too draw attention to our looking/noticing - both as artist and viewer, in the hope that we might see more. It is through the act of recalling that we can begin to understand that which has been buried, whether by time or by progress. Perhaps it is through both the transparency and opacity of a given image, its translucency, that we find images of ourselves; along with finding ourselves we find the potential to discover another.

The Artists

Jenny Hawkinson Matt Quick Laura Breukelman

Upon receiving her BA in Visual Arts at TWU in 2010, Jenny moved to Vancouver to pursue a career in art. She works part time at a local NGO and commits the other part to a studio practice. She explores themes of memory, erasure and the collection using loose forms of the traditional femme crafts of scrap-booking, quilting and embroidery within painting.


Matt is a sculptor with a BFA in sculpture from Alberta College of Art and Design. He has just recently moved to the city of Vancouver. 

About his work he says:
'I'm always up for trying new materials. The  motifes that connect my work are less medium or material and  more the concepts. Things like story telling and those struggles of identity every person or group of people grapple with. Also I explore how story telling is connected to identity.'


Currently masquerading as a teacher by day and artist also by day (since she is not much of a night owl), Laura calls Vancouver home. Having recently graduated from Regent College, she is interested in the intersection of theology, theory and visual art. She is also passionate about art education and likes to find every opportunity to encourage (force) people to be creative.