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Create Art


Creativity and Art are tangible expressions of the divine spark of our Creator God within us. By allowing our senses, our imaginations, our minds and bodies to fulfil their God-given potentials for creativity, we glorify God. We believe it does our souls good (and pleases God) when we create, through writing and storytelling, poetry, cooking, music, painting and other art forms.

This year we will focus on providing two unique types of creative experiences. 

The first will be a number of spaces for non-artists to participate in guided and unguided art-making. Roll your sleeves up and try something new.

The second will provide space for artists to be inspired - this will happen through workshops on songwriting, poetry, theatre, and other ways of engaging with the world through art.  We also have a bunch more ways to celebrate the arts in a meaningful way.  Here are a selection of the things you can look forward to:

  • Pacific Theatre will be performing some live theatre.

  • An art gallery will be set up in the back of a semi-trailer to highlight local artists.

  • A creative jamboree on the main stage on Saturday afternoon that will be a fusion of music, poetry, dance and other creative craziness.  We are excited to have We Make Stuff as a partner supporting our creative initatives this year.
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