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2011 Musicians

Festival - Festival

Creative World will be a place to kick back and relax to the musical stylings of local bands, slam poets and singer-songwriters.  Here are some of the artists who performed in 2011:



Recently awarded the Juno for , Vancouver-based Shad has received an impressive list of industry award nominations. He's twice been shortlisted for the Polaris Music Prize and received two nominations each at the Much Music Video Awards and the Indie Awards (where he won for Favourite Urban Artist).  Hip-hop purists call him a torchbearer for the golden era of conscious hip-hop, while indie kids claim Shad as their own.  Lucky for us all, there is plenty of Shad to go around.  Shad plays Creative World on Friday night.


Zaac Pick
In the great tradition of Canadian folk musicians, Zaac Pick wears his heart on his sleeve. His debut solo EP, Fierce Wind is a personal storybook of experience and memory. Zaac is a Vancouver singer/songwriter who has been winning awards, fans & gaining critical acclaim accross Canada. What's going on outside of Zaac's 'little world' is important to him – he is passionate about raising awareness about injustice and poverty in other parts of the world, including flooding in Pakistan.  Zaac plays Creative World on Saturday night.



Sheree Plett
Sheree Plett's songs and performances have been captivating audiences across Canada and the US for the past 5 years. Her natural, beautiful voice wraps itself around her deeply personal, poetic lyrics.  She and her band, including husband and guitarist Jeremy Eisenhauer have done expansive Canadian tours over the last five years and it shows when you see them play. Her authentic connection with an audience adds a further dimension to her talent and confirms her a place among the artists we seek out time and time again. The Road to my Family is Sheree's third full length release. Red Circled Heart, her sophomore record, has been featured on college radio all across Canada, and has received positive acclaim and airplay from the likes of Sook-Yin Lee (CBC Radio host of DNTO) and Rich Terfry (host of CBC Radio 2 Drive).  Sheree plays Creative World on Saturday afternoon.

badgentina-1 Badgentina
Based out of Vancouver, badgentina plays a sweet fusion of original rock, folk, country and bluegrass. Led by Stephen Toon, "the badge" features members of This Old Mountain, along with Lisa Toon, Brett Ziegler and Bart Zagloff. Good times are a guarantee when this band is playing. They are most known for their parties, shindigs and hootenannies, but they also play a mean ballad.



Familia is one band proud to be a set of square pegs. Comprised of vocalist/keyboardist Tamara Umlah, bassist Dwight Abell, drummer/vocalist Cody Hiles and guitarist/keyboardist Bronson Izzard, this Maple Ridge/Vancouver, B.C.-based outfit is utilizing their vast rock-based attack to replace the current constraints of modern music with a set of their own enviable, honourable and inimitable principles.  "We're deeply spiritual and what we're trying to say comes before the music. That's the vehicle to promote the ideas we have: love, giving people hope and bringing light and truth into those dark places we all have." Familia plays Creative World on Friday night.


sheremy Eisenhauer
Eisenhauer has been a band since 2006, when they released 'To those impressed' – a varied album cross-pollinating Pinback style indie-rock and Neil Young style folk music.  According to Exclaim!, "...the band explore an often quiet, distinctly Canadian approach to song craft. Complete with lush guitars and a muted rhythm section, the band paint an ideal backdrop for their soothing harmonies."  Eisenhauer plays Creative World on Saturday afternoon.

Cheryl Bear
Cheryl Bear's music is a powerful telling of the stories of the Indigenous People of North America, the joys and pains, the laughter and tears.  It celebrates the beauty of what it means to be an indigenous person.   Cheryl will speak and perform on Friday evening.

micahb Micah Bournes
A spoken word artist and slam poet, Micah Bournes grew up in Long Beach California.  Micah began rapping while studying in Chicago, where he began bending and blending genres as he incorporated spoken word poetry.  Micah recently performed at the Justice Conference in Bend, Oregon, and will be bringing his unique style and message to Creative World throughout the weekend.
TOM2 This Old Mountain
This Old Mountain plays their blend of folk roots and gospel bluegrass music in backyards and alleyways, log homes and soup kitchens. Music for the people. Beyond the song glows the joy and ache of life, and the belief that we're here to share - share our stories and songs, our hardships and hopes. Together, we are all this old mountain.  This Old Mountain will play at Creative World on Saturday afternoon.



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