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Onsite Facilities

St Mary's has the following facilities: tap water, washrooms and portaloos, limited showers (NB. the showers are pretty minimalist - campground type).

    Additionally there is a motel at the bottom of the hill for those who are unable to camp.

    Please plan somewhere secure to store your food overnight, as bears have been known to sometimes frequent the area.

    We will not know until the last minute whether a fire ban will be in place.  When a complete fire ban is in effect, the use of all wood, briquette and propane/natural gas fires is prohibited.  Gas/propane stoves and BBQ's, when approved for cooking, are permitted.


    Green Alert: The Sustainers will be providing communal dishwashing facilities and water-free handwashing stations (no paper towel needed!). Rubbish stations will also include recycling and compost bins. Please play your part in reducing waste.


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