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Creative World People

{executive director}

Craig Greenfield is the International Coordinator of Servants (formerly Servants to Asia's Urban Poor) and co-founder of the Servants Vancouver community.  He is the author of and co-author of .  Before moving to Downtown Eastside Vancouver, Craig and his wife Nay lived in Cambodian slums for six years, pioneering ministries amongst children orphaned by AIDS.  He enjoys starting new things, like the Creative World Festival, and playing Settlers of Catan (though Nay always wins).

{managing director}

Jonathan Livingstone is the Director of East Van Youth Unlimited, a ministry to marginalised youth.  Along with his wife Suzi, he spent time working amongst the Dalit (untouchable) people of India.  He is pretty good at soccer, squash and making weird but yummy pasta.

{sales director}

Luna Cheng oversees marketing and communications for Tenth Church in Vancouver.  She proved her amazing organisational skills by simultaneously organising her own wedding which was a blast - just a few weeks after the 2011 festival.  She is a foodie, married to Ayo, a Nigerian-English nurse who loves to eat English mince pies.

{music director}

Aaron Leakey is a DJ with a passion for both hip hop and social justice.  He graduated from Regent College, pastored at Mosaic and now works alongside marginalised youth as a mentor.  He has a pretty cool collection of hats and some obscure tats.

{creative director}

Anjali Marshall is a formidable cook, creative genius and feisty opponent in board games.  She works for More than a Roof, a low income housing provider in Vancouver, getting alongside tenants to build community and life skills.

{sustainability director}

Jenny Scott is a greenie, pseudo-vegetarian, tree hugger and HUGE fan of dal and curry.  She worked and lived in the slums with Servants in Kolkata (formerly Calcutta) for three years and now splits her time between Regent College, the Servants Canada office and local cafes.  She lives in the Downtown Eastside with another red-haired Jennifer.  Together they are known as the Red Jennies. 

{facilities director}

Tom Wartenweiler is originally from Switzerland, and is married to Ashleen, an American who he met in Australia.  Tom is the Servants Vancouver team leader.  He has a dry Swiss sense of humour, misses his cheese and chocolate fondues, and enjoys spending Sundays at the park with his 2.5 children.

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