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Supporting Orphans

One of our dreams for Creative World is that we would not just be blessed ourselves but that we would be able to financially bless the poor in other countries through funds raised at this festival.

As a non-profit festival, our aim is to pass on any profits to a partner charity working directly with orphaned and vulnerable children in Cambodia.  There are no paid staff working for Creative World, all workers are volunteers and most of the speakers and musicians are participating at a reduced cost which mostly just covers their expenses.

The designated charity is Big Brothers and Sisters of Cambodia.



BigSister-2Big Brothers and Sisters of Cambodia*

Today there are more than 140,000 children orphaned by AIDS in Cambodia. Tens of thousands more children have no father to guide them and/or no mother to love them, due to disease, poverty and broken families. Research shows that up to 40% of these children have had to drop out of school and 28% have had to leave home.

But the worst thing is not to miss school or even to leave home. The worst thing is to have no-one to pay attention to you, no-one who cares if you succeed or fail, no-one who says "Well done!" or "You can do it!"

The vision of BBSC is to see Christian youth all over Cambodia equipped to put their faith into practice in a simple yet powerful way.

The concept is straightforward: Big Brothers and Sisters form themselves into groups of between five and ten young people, through their church youth group. Big Brothers & Sisters of Cambodia provides training and then each Big Brother or Sister is matched up with one orphaned or vulnerable little brother or sister from their local community.

The Big Brothers and Sisters commit to visit their orphan at least once a week. During this visit, the Big Brother or Big Sister encourages, listens, plays, prays, eats (anything fun!) with the orphan. As a group, the Big Brothers and Sisters also meet regularly to pray for their orphans and have a fun outing all together once a month. Camps are held on annual basis.

Overseas studies show that children who participate in a Big Brothers program are 27% less likely to begin using alcohol and 46% less likely to begin using drugs.  There are now hundreds of Christian youth serving orphans and vulnerable children in their own communities and a new generation of those who were previously little brothers or little sisters have now grown up and have taken on younger children to mentor and disciple themselves.


*not affliiated with Big Brothers in North America